A Note from Nicole

Hi everyone! Nicole here, I just wanted to drop in and say hello! We are looking forward to 2018 together and have some new and exciting updates to our Blog! Not only are we going to be posting wedding inspiration and planning advice but we are going to be sharing some behind the scenes in the life of a wedding planner. We are thinking outfit inspiration, dining ideas, and local Chicago happenings. Let us know what you think! Keep scrolling for 5 facts you might not know about me...

1.) I was a cheerleader my entire life and have elbow surgery three times because of it.


 Can you guess which one is me?

Can you guess which one is me?

2.) My dream job was to be a veterinarian. 

3.) I started in the wedding industry as a server and my passion for pretty weddings has been around since!

4.) I got married in October 2017 and it was the hardest wedding I have ever planned.

5.) I can eat a whole package of double stuff Oreo's in less than 24 hours.